Dermfix 3000 Vitamin D Lamp Review

I decided to go ahead and buy the Dermfix UV B lamp for vitamin D after reading up on what the benefits of vitamin D provide for your health, and realising I probably wasn’t getting enough from the sun alone. I looked at other alternatives such as supplements and other lamps but after reading customer reviews on Amazon decided on the Dermfix model.

Dermfix 3000 Review

I haven’t had the Dermfix UV-B lamp long enough really to give it a review on any health benefits that I should get, but I have done a quick video review of myself opening the box when it arrived and taking a look at what is in the box, the instruction manual, the timer, and of course the Dermfix model itself. I’ll embed the video below as it may be useful, after giving my thoughts.

The first thing I’ll say is that I bought the Dermfix 3000 direct from Androv Medical. Here is the product page if you’d like to take a look yourself. Just to mention that AM do also sell the Dermfix on Amazon also. The reason I bought straight from their site rather than on on Amazon itself was because at the time (may be different now, or may not) it was about £20 cheaper from AM. Plus I try not to buy anything from Amazon because they aren’t one of my favourite companies shall we say. Anyway that’s by the by really.

Once I’d opened the box the Dermfix 3000 lamp for vitamin d on first appearances seems like a good quality product. It looks well made and also it feels solid and sturdy. It has a generous amount of cable at roughly 1.5m long and came fitted with a 3 pin UK plug so no adapters needed. It has a handy little stand that just folds out from the back which is essential really, or it can be wall hung if you prefer. You can get a better idea of the dimensions from the image and details below.

The intensity of bulbs according to the instruction manual will start to decrease from around 200 to 300 hours so treatment times may need to be increased, and the bulbs are recommended to be changed at around 400 hours of use so they should last a long time. Looking at the AM site it will cost around £130 to buy and replace both bulbs when the time comes.

Vitamin D Lamp Dimensions

The dimensions of the Dermfix vitamin D lamp as measured by myself are approximately as follows. The height from top to toe is approximately 18.5 inches. The width at it’s widest point is approximately 13 inches. The depth with the stand out is about 10 inches, and with the stand in the depth is about 3 inches.

Dermfix 3000 UV-B Lamp for vitamin D

What Else Comes With The Dermfix 3000 UV-B Lamp?

Also in the box along with the Dermfix 3000 was the handy little timer, protective glasses and operating instructions. There’s not much too say on these really. The timer is really just a simple digital clock with a timer that can either countdown or be used as a stopwatch, and the glasses are obviously a pair of safety glasses to protect the eyes. I myself certainly use the glasses and also close my eyes while using the Dermfix 3000 UV-B lamp, but prefer to use my phone as the timer. Not because the timer is bad or anything, it’s just my phone is there, does the same thing and saves using the timer.

The instruction manual I received was all in English and is well written. It really has all the information in there you should need, including handy tables for recommended use for varying skin colours and other useful info such as maintenance of the Dermfix lamp, cleaning, lamp replacement, warranty, and more.

Where To Buy The Dermfix 3000 UV-B Lamp?

As I’ve said previously, I bought the Dermfix UV-B lamp from Androv Medical, but there are of course people who will prefer to buy from Amazon. These are just two options I looked at. I know at the time there was also a Dermfix 3000 available on ebay, although second hand. It was about £50 cheaper but decided against that. There may be other places to buy from but for that you will have to do your own research.

Hopefully this Dermfix 3000 review of sorts has been somewhat helpful, and if you buy one I hope it’s money well spent.

Tips on Buying a Home Treadmill

Treadmills are one of the most frequently purchased pieces of home sports equipment in the United States, and they have become even more popular in recent years as more and more people have become interested in jogging and running as a health pastime. They are a fantastic piece of equipment for those whose goals include weight loss, building up physical stamina, general fitness or physiotherapy training.

Basic treadmills are easy to use and are suitable for people of all ages, and users do not have to run whilst using them. Walking on a treadmill can also have health benefits. However, treadmills can be an expensive purchase. It is therefore a good thing that you understand the different types of treadmill which are available and what features they can offer you, so you can make an informed choice about your purchase.

Types of treadmill

There are two main types of treadmills available to consumers in the United States: manual treadmills and motorized treadmills. Manual treadmills are more basic than motorized ones, because they do not usually contain any complex electronic parts. A Manual Treadmill usually consists of a pair of rollers with a thick belt wrapped around them, which forms the running surface. When the person who is a exercising begins walking or running, the force which they create will cause the belt to rotate. The faster they walk or run, the faster the belt will rotate.

Whilst manual treadmills are often cheaper than motorized treadmills, they usually come with fewer features. With a motorized treadmill, the speed of the belt is regulated by a motor, and it is usually possible to speed it up and slow it down as you require.

Treadmill Speed

When you are buying a new treadmill you should look at the maximum speed that that treadmill has to offer. Your desired maximum speed will almost always depend on your own personal needs. Treadmills for beginners often have a maximum speed of about 12 kilometers an hour or 7.5 miles per hour. Treadmills for people who have experience of distance running often have a top speed of up to 16 kilometers per hour or 10 miles per hour, and treadmills for serious runners who are training for a major event can even go up to 20 kilometers an hour or 12 miles an hour.

Whilst some manual treadmills do not have a top speed or a minimum speed, they may sometimes have speed regulators for health and safety reason.

Extra Features

With such a large range of treadmills available to purchase, it is no surprise that there are lots of different extra features to choose from. As well as being able to vary the speed of motorized treadmills, it is often also possible to vary the incline of the running surface, meaning that it is possible to simulate running up a hill. Treadmills with detailed LCD screens are able to provide runners with a wide array of information, including split times, running speeds and total distance traveled. Some treadmills even come with devices which allow users to measure their heart rate as they run.

Make Space

Before you choose your treadmill, you will need to make sure that you have enough space in your exercise area. In general, you will probably need about as much space as you would need for a single bed. Make sure there is free space at either side of the treadmill, or you could end up hitting your elbows against things as you run. It is also important that you leave a good amount of space behind the treadmill (at the back) so that you can get on and off it easily, without risking injury.

Once you’ve got a good idea of which treadmill you’re likely to buy then you might like to read the following article that gives some tips on how to save money buying a treadmill.

Mood Disorder – Know the Causes and Treatments

mood disorderMood disorder is explained as a mental condition that may happen to anyone. It can be as mild as to be considered ignorable, but it can also be magnified to an extent that may require psychological and medical examination.

Causes of Mood Disorder

Though the exact cause of mood disorder is yet to be established, there are different causes that could lead to this problem. Some of the most commonly linked factors to mood disorder include; heredity, environment and the brain chemical known as neurotransmitters.

Other possible causes could be other kinds of mental disorders such as; bipolar disorder, chronic depression and clinical depression. These disorders can be interrelated as their symptoms are similar.

Chronic and Clinical Depressions

The difference between chronic and clinical depression is that the former is the milder type and it is not as longer lasting and as disabling as the latter.

Chronic depression is also called as dysthymic disorder and it is characterized by a depressed mood that may last for a fair while. Its symptoms, though typical with that of patients with clinical depression, are not as bad and thus can be treated faster.

Clinical depression, on the other hand, is characterized by a variety of symptoms that can really affect a person’s ability to live what’s generally thought of as normally. In most cases, a patient suffering from this type of depression may have a decreased, or totally lost ability to work, play, study, enjoy or even to sleep or eat. It is indeed a kind of depression that can be depressing.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder on the other hand, is the mental condition that, in most cases, gives the patient the illusion of something dangerous lurking round the corner. In most cases, a person suffering from bipolar disorder may eventually end up acting impulsively and erratically. It is also a type of depression and also known as manic depression.

Some people may find it hard to understand this condition and most times it can be easily mistaken as simple mood swings. This condition is called bipolar as the individual’s mood can unsteadily alternate between mania poles – elevated and depressed. These moods changes in highs and lows which are not good and they can actually last for long periods of time.

There are instances that mood disorder is triggered by certain life events, especially traumatic ones. Death in the family is a very common example. Daily stress, when accumulated and not dealt with accordingly, is also a good example of a mood disorder triggering mechanism. It is of course quite normal for anyone to have changes in their moods because of traumatic life events, just like it is normal to be stressed. But you should be able to move on or recover effectively from the stress eventually.

It is very much possible for your ability to cope with stress to be minimized if you suffer from mood disorder. But it is also very much possible that you can restore your ability to think coherently after a while. If that did not happen, you need to consult the professionals, before things get even worse.

Popular Kidney Stones Home Treatments

A build up of mineral or natural compounds that develop in our kidneys are commonly known as kidney stones. It’s equally referred to as renal calculi.

It is always a fact that all kidney stones will range in size. The stones, when found in a kidney usually do not trigger any problems at first, but as soon as these kidney stones become wedged in the ureter, it’s then that they can truly bring about problems. Kidney stones can disrupt the metabolic process in the human body and also bring about pain.

Home Kidney Stone Treatments

You can find various home treatments for kidney stones that are easy to follow and much less confusing when utilized in our every day regime. The following are just some of the more popular home kidney stones treatments:

  • Possibly the most simple and beneficial home treatments for kidney stones can be to drink plenty of water. It can help in trying to keep kidney stones in check. You can also try consuming fruit juice which can also be similarly effective.
  • Vitamin A assists in curtailing the creation of stones and fortifies the human urinary system. For that reason ensure it is a regular practice to eat foods that are high in vitamin A.
  • Onions can also be beneficial in the treatment of kidney stones. What you do is boil a cup of water followed by adding about two or three smaller onions into it. Then leave it boiling for approximately fifteen minutes. At this point strain the blend and allow it to cool right down. Add some sugar and salt to it, and then drink. If you can do this about 2 or 3 times per day.
  • Watermelon is additionally among the best home treatments for kidney stones. Involving all fruits, the watermelon is well known to possess the best water quantity. It’s abundant with potassium salts which is regarded as among the finest and stablest diuretics.
  • Most of us will be knowledgeable about coconut water. The regular drinking of coconut water will help to break up the kidney stones which then will help them pass when you urinate.
  • Basil leaves are likewise helpful in treating stones. All that’s necessary to undertake is to have four or five basil leaves and then draw out the juice from them. Combine this juice with a tablespoon of honey and then blend them adequately. Take this combination each and every morning for around five to six months.
  • Get a single cup of pomegranate seeds and two cups of horse grams which you then use to make a soup with. Ingesting this soup is likewise very beneficial in getting rid of kidney stones.
  • Consume a blend of two oz lemon juice and 2 oz of olive oil, followed by a big glass or cup of water. This home treatment can assist the stones in passing out of your body in as short a time as twenty-four hours.
  • Each day drink a glass of orange juice and that also helps in preventing the creation of kidney stones.
  • Aim to steer clear of foods such as asparagus, cauliflower, tomato, spinach, cabbage, cucumber, radish, and meat.
  • Consume grapes regularly as they happen to be full of water and potassium salt.
  • You should not drink alcohol or carbonated drinks.
  • Eating celery regularly assists in stopping the formation of kidney stones.

The home treatments for kidney stones listed above are several of the earliest and more popular home treatments.

Kettle Bells Are Reliable

Everyone wants to be in a good shape. People nowadays have tried everything and are fed up with poor results. Despite how convincing so many workout plans claimed to be, they lacked certain elements or just plain didn’t deliver.

What are kettle bells?

Kettle bells are a time-tested, full body workout that requires minimal time. Kettle bells are just a big ball of steel with a handle attached. All they require is twenty to thirty swings, about three times a week, and you’ll watch previous workouts fall behind.

By using a proper form, a kettle bell swing will work nearly every important muscle in your body. There are some things that you need to be careful about of course, like the fact that it’s really important to use the proper form for this technique or you’ll likely throw and hurt your back severely. Another thing to consider is to do this exercise in an open space.

How to use kettle bells

The proper way to execute a kettle ball swing has many steps. The first thing you need to do is to get in a squat position, feet wide apart and bent so that you can comfortably grasp the kettle bell on the ground. Now make sure to lift with your legs and not your back. Stand up straight, the most crucial thing to remember is to keep your back straight the entire time.

The swing motion will extend from between your legs to directly above your head, you should not be worried about dropping it. Instead keep a firm grasp on the kettle bell handle, and begin a pendulum motion with that heavy piece of steel. Now, while your hands are firmly holding onto this equipment, one thing you need to make sure of is that your wrists and on the whole your arms are perfectly relaxed.

Watch the below video that shows the correct way to do a kettle bell swing.

How they actually help

The questions that arise relating to this exercise are how this mechanism of holding a metal ball will help you. You see, your hands gripping on to something heavy is exactly what your arm is meant to do. This works in a similar way to the treadmill.

Instead the treadmill is a form of exercise for both your arms and legs. Kettle bells primarily help your arms. This workout literally doesn’t take more than about two minutes from your day, three times a week.

The advantages

Kettle bells are abundantly advantageous. One of the benefits from this type of exercise is that it strengthens your heart and keeps you strong at the same time. It’s less time consuming than running for hours and equally benefits your heart. This kind of exercise is really important for obese people. Throwing this much weight around alone burns numerous calories. A whole body exercise like this also stimulates the human growth hormone to burn fat.

This exercise will also save you lots of money, because you’ll only have to buy a single kettle bell, they’re everlasting and really cheap. With kettle bells, you won’t have to go to any gym or hire some personal trainer. You can do it in the privacy of your own home.

Home Vibration Plates and Getting Fit

Owning a vibration plate is a fine way to keep fit and healthy, and let’s face facts, everyone wants to be in a good shape. People nowadays have tried almost everything to keep in shape and are fed up with little or no results, but vibration plates can change this.

Despite how convincing so many workout plans claimed to be, they lacked certain elements or just plain didn’t deliver.
Vibration plates give you a time-tested, full body workout that requires minimal time.

Why opting for a home vibration plate is a good thing

All you need to do with these surprisingly good fitness machines is use them for a few minutes just a few times a week and you’ll watch previous workouts fall behind. By using a proper form, a vibration plate such as the Bslimmer vibration plate will work nearly every important muscle in your body.

There are some things that you need to be careful about, like the fact that it’s really important to use the proper form for this technique or you could end up putting in the work with little success. Another thing to consider is to do this exercise in an open space, and you will need this anyway as some of the fitness machines are quite big indeed.

There are several different exercises you can do using a vibration plate. In fact with the larger models found in top class gyms and fitness clubs think of any exercise and you can probably do it with the help of the vibration plate. But what we are more looking at here are vibration plates for your own use in your own home.

Vibration plates are abundantly advantageous. One of the benefits from this type of exercise machine is that it helps to strengthen your heart and keeps you strong at the same time. It’s less time consuming than running for hours out on the road or in the park with no assistance and equally benefits your heart. This kind of exercise machine can be very beneficial to all kinds of people, whether you’re fat, thin, old or young.

Buying the best vibration plate

This exercise machine may also save you a bit of money in the long run as you’ll only have to buy a single vibration plate for your home and you won’t have to go to any gym or hire some personal trainer if you no longer want to. You can do it in the privacy of your own home.

The great thing is if you shop around on the internet you can find various models of the machines that you can buy, specifically for use in the home. It has to be said, you can additionally find some nice deals to be had. So how do you choose the best vibration plate?

It’s quite easy really, just find a couple of vibration plates that you think will be suitable and then check for reviews. You should easily find a lot of reviews of vibration plates online and these should help you decide upon the best machine for yourself.